You can probably tell I've been heavily into Emacs again recently, and Emacs is like heroin and once I start I just want more. So, I've returned to using Elfeed for reading my RSS feeds.

GitHub - skeeto/elfeed: An Emacs web feeds client
An Emacs web feeds client. Contribute to skeeto/elfeed development by creating an account on GitHub.

Since I use Doom Emacs, configuring Elfeed is easy.

Uncomment (rss +org) in init.el and create a new file at ~/org/ and start adding feeds. The +org adds support for using Org mode to define the feed list . Something like...

* root :elfeed:
** Photography :photography:
*** [[][6×6 Portraits | Kenneth Wajda]]
*** [[][Alex Luyckx | Blog – Photographer, Explorer, Wanderer]]
*** [[][Fogdog]]
*** [[][Leicaphilia]]
*** [[][Macfilos | Leica Camera News, Reviews & Photography Blog]]
** General Nerdery
** Programming :programming:
** News :news:
*** Top news :tops:

I use Org links so that they're easy to read but one can just as easily use only the feed URL for each entry.

Now I'm always just an M-x elfeed away from catching up on my RSS feeds. I have an Emacs bookmark pointing to an Elfeed query showing just recent unread entries, like so

Elfeed unread                 @2-week-ago +unread

While it's nice having my feeds in the same environment as nearly everything else I'm doing, using Emacs for this ain't pretty, so I eventually tire of seeing everything in all text all the time and will happily retreat back to NetNewsWire. But for now Elfeed is fast and fun.