Soooo, I switched (you're soaking in it) from a Hugo-managed static website to a self-hosted instance of Ghost.


Normally I'd write a thousand-word explainer post, but honestly, I was just bored with publishing via plain text in Emacs (Gasp!) and managing image sizes and git and Netlify, and all that.

I had this all figured out years ago when I wrote in my 2017 post, "WordPress is a typewriter"...

Using WordPress makes me feel like...the words are going right onto the paper. Sure, the metaphor is a little thin, but the point is that when writing with WordPress (or any CMS, really), the distance between what I’m typing and what I’m publishing is very short. The only thing closer is editing HTML directly on a live page, but that’s something only crazy people do.
On the other hand, publishing a static site is like sending a document to a printer. I have to make sure everything is connected, that there’s paper in the machine, and then wait for the job to finish before seeing the output. If something needs editing, and something always needs editing, the whole process starts over.

It's Ghost this time, but same diff. Besides, it's fun.

I hope you'll stay. Hell, you can even Subscribe now, if you're so inclined.