Self-hosting apps and services used to be fun. I no longer find it to be fun enough to justify the time and hassle.

I'll always have at least one "static" webserver running Caddy, for tossing a bunch of small static sites onto. And I'll probably always host my own blogs. Other than that, let someone else deal with it, I say.

So today I've migrated my site analytics back to Plausible from self-hosted Ackee. Plausible is inexpensive, looks better, has more features, offers good support, and is always improving. I put up with the bare-bones-ness of Ackee because it was easy to add to my server via Cloudron.

I've also migrated my private Git repos back to Github from self-hosted Gitea.

I've shut down my Monica CRM instance. I don't need a dedicated app for tracking things about people.

I've shut down my Commento instance. I've caved for now and added Disqus to my sites. I know, I know, but even with all its jankiness it's an OK experience for visitors. At least that's how I feel when I'm using it on other sites. I'm already logged in and can just comment. Commento's moderation tools are essentially non-existent. We'll need to address privacy concerns later. I don't get enough comments to justify paying for anything. I'm also a little miffed because my old Commento (paid) annual subscription renewed automatically without warning and I've not heard back in a week from support about a refund. So that's $99 wasted. And I'm not going to use it just because I (unwittingly) paid for it.

I shut down my Lychee photo gallery instance. This one hurts a little, but I'm already paying for SmugMug and Flickr so c'mon. Still, I'm interested in a lightweight, personal photo gallery so this could come back.

This leaves me with my Cloudron instance running three instances of Ghost. I may even kill (the newsletter site) because I haven't felt like writing a newsletter and there's no sign of that changing. I recently paid for a year of Cloudron (which reduces the price to $15/month) but when that ends I'll find a new home for the blogs and that'll be that.