Greg Morris, in Minimalism and Big Phones:

I like having a bigger phone because it is one of the devices, I use the most. I communicate on it for my job, my personal life and I write much of my blog on it. Couple this with the fact my eyesight isn’t what it was, and a bigger phone just gives me more value and I am sure it would do for others too.

I think Greg can take this off his list of things to feel angsty about in his attempts at minimalism. The size of one's smartphone doesn't play at all into how "minimalist" one is.

I use an iPhone 12 Mini because I prefer how it handles and it's not so cumbersome to carry about. My fingers have a better chance of reaching things. If I wanted to up my minimalist cred, I'd use a dumb feature phone or carry none at all. Go big, I say!