I wasn't aware that Ulysses recently added the ability to update existing posts when publishing to blogs running Ghost. This makes publishing my blog with Ulysses more interesting. I've been able to publish to Ghost or WordPress for a while, but the inability to fix the inevitable typo(s) right in Ulysses made the whole thing not worth the trouble.

Now, though, I can easily type away here in Ulysses, publish, and fix edit things to my heart's content.

Thanks to Gabz for reminding me about using Ulysses for blogging. I launched it and was greeted with release notes telling me about the new publishing features. Neat.

I still don't love how Ulysses mangles Markdown, but it's close enough. I'll try it.

Update, 2 hours later: Nah. The first thing I did was include some strikethrough-formatted text using Ulysses' goofy pipe syntax, which then vanished from my post. I'm not interested in fighting that kind of battle. Besides, Ghost's editor is pretty nice already, so the advantage of using Ulysses is diminished.