Software proliferation

Once in a while I find myself in a foul mood about software proliferation and my tendencies to extend and overcomplicate everything. Today, for example. So, this week, I’m seeing how much I can manage using Emacs (with Org mode), the filesystem, a terminal, and a web browser. As

From Safari to Vivaldi

I’m sorry, Safari, but until you reconsider the completely and objectively[1] terrible changes made in version 15, I’ll be using Vivaldi. I never thought I’d end up back in a Chromium-based browser, but Vivaldi is quite nice. It packs a lot of capabilities into a small

"Just Link" - no don't

In his post “Just Link”, Robin Sloan (whom I love), suggests that, instead of sending newsletter content in an email, publishers send an email with only a link to the actual content. But, weighing all these considerations, if it’s possible for you, as a newsletter-er, to rescue the meat

The iPad is a wonderful peripheral

The iPad may be the greatest computer peripheral ever made. As a main device for me, though, it’s once again been a spectacular failure. I recently made yet another attempt at living on the iPad as my main device. It lasted less than a week. Going all-in on the

Creating a digital index for my paper notebooks

One of the few valid arguments against paper notebooks is that they are more difficult to search than digital notes. Fine, I’ll concede that one. But I’m working on a patch. Rather than trying to digitize/OCR everything, I’ve decided that a simple index of topics should

Pilot Custom 823 fountain pen

It’s been a while since I bought a new fountain pen. This is about the Pilot Custom 823. Literally every review I’ve read says the same things: “It’s not a looker, but what a great writer!” I can only resist that kind of consensus for so long,

Running Doom and Nano emacs at the same time using Chemacs

Most of the time I use a Doom Emacs configuration, but sometimes I feel like testing something new. I’ve been enamored by Nano Emacs lately, but there’s no way I’ll switch to it permanently. Today I learned about Chemacs. Chemacs 2 is an Emacs profile switcher, it

Local theme development when using Hugo modules

Recent versions of Hugo prefer the use of Go Modules for managing themes. This is new and a little weird to me, but I’m slowly beginning to understand it. I’m documenting the process here so I don’t forget. I’ve forked an original theme (Even) for use
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