Saturday, June 10, 2023

Dammit I just lost an hour on Mastodon even though I’m supposed to be off” social media. I have nothing to show for it, either. It’s insidious!

I lost my head for a second and thought maybe I’d do the whole Emacs from scratch” thing again. This time, I tried the new beta branch of Crafted Emacs because I like their approach on the new version. But yeah, it’s beta and things broke and I’m not good enough to troubleshoot. Back to Doom for now.

There’s a difference between The simplest thing that could possibly work.” and The simplest thing that might actually work.”

I’ve stopped using subheadings with multi-paragraph contents in these daily notes because I like scanning a list of titles as a way to find stuff. Burying them in daily notes makes it harder.

Friday, June 9, 2023


I understand why people are upset about Reddit’s API changes. People are always upset about something Reddit is doing. And I feel for Apollo’s developer. The whole thing sucks. I’ve never used Apollo. I go to the website and visit a few of my favorite subreddits every once in a while. I just don’t feel any outrage about the whole thing, sorry. I am attributing this to my recent withdrawal from social media. I guess since no one has been telling me to be upset, I’m not.

Some days I fully enjoy managing email within Mu4e. Other days, I hate it. Today is the former.


Thursday, June 8, 2023


I started reading the MPU forums this morning and was immediately reminded that I should never read the MPU forums. I do plenty of navel gazing around note-taking and software workflows and everything else already. I don’t need more of it, thank you.

Day 2 running Sonoma on my MBP. I’ve not noticed any significant issues so far. Maestral crashed a couple of times at first, but seems to have settled down.

Overthinking Email

I don’t get many emails these days. Nor do I send many. And yet, I spend an inordinate amount of time futzing with how I get and sent emails. I’m doing that thing again where I overthink my email process.

The only hard requirement I have with email is that it uses my own domain name. Hence, . Email is still the key to many things, so allowing someone like Google to control that key is a no-go for me. My wife still uses a Comcast address, can you imagine? I get hives just thinking about it. She gets a lot more email than I do, and never gives any of this a second thought. ¯_(ツ)_/¯.

I’ve been using Fastmail for my personal email for years. I have no complaints or issues with the service. I pay $50/year and it comes with 30GB of storage. It’s fine. I don’t love Fastmail’s web UI, but I nearly always use either Apple Mail or Mu4e (Emacs) for reading mail, so no biggie.

Except along came Mimestream, which for some reason I’m completely enamored with. Mimestream only works with Gmail, so I’ve unadvisedly configured Fastmail to forward to my Gmail address and my Gmail messages to send via Fastmail’s SMTP service so they’re From: .

I can’t figure out what it is about Mimestream that I like so much. There’s no filter for Unread”. There are no smart mailboxes at all. I can’t drag and drop messages into other apps or my Desktop. When copying links to emails, it uses the URL for the web version of Gmail instead of a link to the message in Mimestream. Oh, and it will (eventually) cost $50/year so I can use a mail app with a free service. WTF, dude!?

I’m never going to use only my Gmail address (remember the first requirement), but I may convert my Fastmail account to a forward-only account from the (Fastmail owned) PoBox service. That’ll save me like $30 a year, but I’m not convinced it’s a good idea. Point being that I’m considering all of this. This is what I mean by overthinking my email.

And so here I am, contemplating a transition from Fastmail to Gmail. It’s as if I’ve forgotten that this whole thing started because I wanted to play with a new Email app. I was hoping that writing this down would trigger my Use What You Have” mechanism but instead I’ve started pulling apart my mbsync/Mu4e config to work with Gmail, because I’m a masochist with too much time on my hands.

Reef aquarium update

Reef Tank, June 2023Reef Tank, June 2023

I’ve had my salt water reef tank for nearly a year, so I thought I’d post an update. The gist is that it’s been both easier and more difficult than expected.

It’s easier because I was worried that doing water changes and parameter checks would be complex or difficult. They are neither. I do a 15% water change every week, and test for Nitrates, Nitrites, Phosphates, and Calcium every 10 days to two weeks.

It’s more difficult because pest control in a salt-water tank can be a bitch! Algae is a constant thorn in my side. I just can’t seem to be rid of it. The tank has suffered outbreaks of green hair algae, red slime algae” (quoted because it’s actually Cyanobacteria and not algae), and now bubble algae. I’ve also got a little Aiptasia that I’m keeping an eye on.

Everyone talks about a tank’s ugly” phase and now I know what they mean. I think I’m coming to the other side of it, though. Algae is often caused by too many nutrients and/or waste, causing the Phosphate and Nitrate levels to rise. Algae love Phosphates and Nitrates, so the trick is to reduce them. To do this, I’ve drastically reduced how much food I introduce. After conversations with some experts, it’s obvious that I’ve been over-feeding. The other change I made was to shorten the period during which the tank lighting is at full. I’m now only running full lighting from 11:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. rather than from 10-6. I think I’m finally starting to see the algae weaken and recede.

As for fish, I hadn’t added any because of Tony, the Royal Gramma. Tony was an asshole. He was constantly picking on Pierre the Cleaner Shrimp, and I love Pierre. He also flared up and fought with anything new in the tank. Tony was beautiful, but I kicked him out. Messing with Pierre was his last mistake. I gave him to the local fish store so they could re-home him.

With Tony gone and the algae on the decline, it was time to start adding things. This week, I’ve introduced three new corals: Palythoa Grandis1, Acan Red, and Green Star Polyps (GSP). I also got a little Emerald Crab. We named him Craig.

Even though it can be frustrating at times, I enjoy the tank very much. It’s so much fun to just sit and watch things happening. It’s like a whole world in there and it’s amazing.

  1. Apparently, Palythoa can produce a quite deadly toxin (palytoxin) so I’m weighing the pros and cons of keeping it. It’s pretty and cool, but yikes.↩︎