Jack Baty

Director of Unspecified Services

Monday, November 14, 2022


I recently moved baty.net to a nicer, well-maintained Hugo theme (Congo). See A Coat of Paint. I then tweaked the theme to show my daily journal entries in a separate list. I updated menus, RSS feeds, etc. I love it as a blogging theme, but not so much as a journaling theme. Do you know what I like most for journaling? This Tinderbox-managed blog at baty.net. And a close second favorite is my wiki. So, now what?

No more social.baty.net #

I killed my Mastodon instance. I thought I wanted to self-host, but a single-user Mastodon doesn't make much sense, considering the complex and "heavy" hosting requirements as well as the whole thing is designed around communities of users. A community of one isn't worth the vanity username.


I have decided I am going to go back through my film archives and print all missing contact sheets. A lot of them are missing. There are also many that have crappy digital ink-jet contact sheets that I hate so I might do those, too.

We interrupt this contact printing session...
Jess and Aaron at wedding (2004)

I had intended to try and avoid being distracted from my goal of printing every missing contact sheet. But, then I saw this photo from a family wedding. I love everything about it, especially my daughter's expression and posture. I took a detour and made a quick 8x10 print. I expect this will happen frequently.