Dev builds perfect note-taking system which only stores info about building note-taking systems

The dream is real

Creating a digital index for my paper notebooks

One of the few valid arguments against paper notebooks is that they are more difficult to search than digital notes. Fine, I’ll concede that one. But I’m working on a patch. Rather than trying to digitize/OCR everything, I’ve decided that a simple index of topics should

Writing everything in TiddlyWiki

I take all my notes in TiddlyWiki now, and publish most of them to rudimentarylathe.wiki. For the past few years, I’ve published my wiki using TiddlyWiki. I write daily, publicly sharable notes there. Private stuff goes elsewhere…or did, until yesterday. It’s the “elsewhere” part that drove

My new note-taking system: Don't take notes

It feels like the entire world (or at least my corner of) is consumed by the “how” of note-taking. Tools, workflows, processes, backlinks, and on and on. Obsidian? Roam? Paper? I read it all. It’s fun and interesting and there’s no end of things to distract myself with.

A Remarkable Tablet

The reMarkable tablet is billed as “the only tablet that feels like paper,” so I was of course intrigued. Skeptical, but curious. I wondered if it could really replace my paper notebooks even after the iPad failed.


It only takes a few seconds to write something down in a notebook, and look what it gets you. It gets you an immutable, permanent record of something in a cool, personally unique format. It produces a physical artifact that will last for generations. For a few years, I recorded

What might I use Craft for?

Kevin asks, “I’m curious to know what kind of stuff you are tinkering with in Craft Editor?”. Good question, but I don’t have a great answer yet. The short version is, not much. Craft is a new-ish notetaking app for the Mac and iOS. It’s quite pretty
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