Elfeed for RSS as a change of pace

You can probably tell I've been heavily into Emacs again recently, and Emacs is like heroin and once I start I just want more. So, I've returned to using Elfeed for reading my RSS feeds. GitHub - skeeto/elfeed: An Emacs web feeds clientAn Emacs web feeds client. Contribute to

1Password and why Electron is the Nickelback of the internet

1Password 8 uses Electron and the internet is already collectively shitting its pants before many people have even tried it. Things that matter to me in a password manager, in order of importance: Reliability and securityFunctionalityReputationEase of useMulti-platform/portability…100% native app with perfect macOS integrationMy family and I will

Software proliferation

Once in a while I find myself in a foul mood about software proliferation and my tendencies to extend and overcomplicate everything. Today, for example. So, this week, I’m seeing how much I can manage using Emacs (with Org mode), the filesystem, a terminal, and a web browser. As

From Safari to Vivaldi

I’m sorry, Safari, but until you reconsider the completely and objectively[1] terrible changes made in version 15, I’ll be using Vivaldi. I never thought I’d end up back in a Chromium-based browser, but Vivaldi is quite nice. It packs a lot of capabilities into a small

Bi-directional linking between anything using Hook

A few apps have offered some form of bi-directional linking, but it was Roam Research that made it famous. I’ve been using Roam for more than a year and it has transformed the way I take notes. It’s the way Roam does bi-directional linking that has me hooked.
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