Moving on from - or not

I’ve been maintaining a blog in some form since 1998. Everything before 2000 has been lost, but that still leaves many years of writing.

While I enjoy writing, I also enjoy tinkering with publishing tools. My blog has run on most major platforms and a few minor ones. One minute I’m using a static blogging tool like Hugo and the next I’ve converted everything to WordPress. And round it goes.

The problem with changing things all the time is that content inevitably breaks during the conversion. For example, I somehow lost the images on most posts from 2012. That shouldn’t happen.

Another thing that shouldn’t happen is broken links. Remember, Cool URIs Don’t Change. I’ve changed the permalink structure and the domain name a few times and didn’t always bother with the appropriate redirects. Not cool.

Is it more important to keep all my writing in one place forever or is it better to make sure things don’t break over time? Since I can’t seem to have both, I’ve decided upon the latter. To that end, the intention is to keep as-is and begin writing everything here at It’s admittedly an experiment. This could turn out to be just another of my weekend whims, but that’s ok.

Nothing is stopping me from continuing to write in both places. using Hugo and using WordPress. One static, one not. We’ll all survive; however it turns out.

UPDATE: Nope, we’re now using