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No, YOU host it.

Self-hosting apps and services used to be fun. I no longer find it to be fun enough to justify the time and hassle. I'll always have at least one "static" webserver running Caddy, for tossing a bunch of small static sites onto. And I'll probably always host my own blogs.

Phone size vs minimalism

It's no problem using a big phone even if you're trying to go minimal. Size doesn't matter.

We're living through the dumbest era in human history

NFTs are nothing. At least until the "T" in NFT actually means something.

Ulysses can update Ghost posts now

I wasn't aware that Ulysses recently added the ability to update existing posts when publishing to blogs running Ghost. This makes publishing my blog with Ulysses more interesting. I've been able to publish to Ghost or WordPress for a while, but the inability to fix the inevitable typo(s) right

If only I enjoyed writing half as much as switching blogging platforms...

Soooo, I switched baty.blog (you're soaking in it) from a Hugo-managed static website to a self-hosted instance of Ghost. Again.

Elfeed for RSS as a change of pace

You can probably tell I've been heavily into Emacs again recently, and Emacs is like heroin and once I start I just want more. So, I've returned to using Elfeed for reading my RSS feeds. GitHub - skeeto/elfeed: An Emacs web feeds clientAn Emacs web feeds client. Contribute to

Dev builds perfect note-taking system which only stores info about building note-taking systems

The dream is real

1Password and why Electron is the Nickelback of the internet

1Password 8 uses Electron and the internet is already collectively shitting its pants before many people have even tried it. Things that matter to me in a password manager, in order of importance: Reliability and securityFunctionalityReputationEase of useMulti-platform/portability…100% native app with perfect macOS integrationMy family and I will
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