Taking a break from complicated blogs

Yesterday, I thought I’d try building a movie review bluebrint and templates for baty.net. Kirby CMS makes things like that relatively easy to implement. And I even had a giant leg up from Kev Quirk, who had shared his book review templates with me earlier. All I had to do was tweak them and integrate them into my site.

After a short time, I lost energy for it. It’s not that it was terribly difficult, but I just didn’t feel like doing it. I didn’t feel like remembering how Kirby’s controllers and collections and templates and snippets and models worked. I originally set up my original Kirby site using their starter template and after a week or so of figuring things out, I stopped messing with it and just posted stuff. I lost interest in how it worked. I would type and hit the Post button.

But Kirby is so flexible it’s nearly impossible to resist trying to build something with it. I don’t feel like building something with it right now, so I’m writing this on my Blot.im blog instead. Although Blot does have a templating system and can do some clever things, for some reason I’m only rarely tempted to change or add anything.

I’m having similar feelings about daily.baty.net, which is built using Tinderbox. It’s powerful, flexible, and I break stuff in there kind of regularly. Not in the mood.

So here we are, typing a simple Markdown file in a Dropbox folder using Obsidian and letting Blot deal with the rest this morning. Tomorrow I may use Emacs instead. Or maybe BBEdit. Point is, it feels uncomplicated and that’s what I’m looking for right now.