Blot Gets It Right

I spent way too much time over the weekend trying to finagle my WordPress blog to work the way I want it to and I’m still not satisfied.

Blot, on the other hand, nails 99% of what I want right out of the box. Plus, my Blot subscription just auto-renewed for another year. Hmmm.

Blot’s Dropbox-based workflow is smooth like butter. Blot works the way I think. This reduces a lot of friction.

My one concern is the dependency upon Dropbox. We all know how depending on a third party API can go. Apparently, Blot can now publish based on a Git repo, which may alleviate that concern for me.

I post to WordPress because it’s easy and works with things like MarsEdit. I post to my Hugo blog because it’s all just Markdown files and a static site.

Blot splits the difference. I need to decide if the compromises are worth giving up the ease of WordPress to have a text-based publishing system that’s easier than Hugo for things like links, photos, and short posts.