Getting Rid of Stuff

I’m about to list my house for sale. I’ll be moving into my fiancé’s place the minute mine sells. This is all very exciting, but it’s forcing me to consider what stuff” is important enough to keep.

I’ve lived alone for so long now that I don’t even notice how much crap I’ve accumulated. I basically have a room for every mood, and those rooms are filled with my stuff.

My preferred approach would be to get rid of everything I don’t need right this minute and just learn to live without all my usual options. The trouble is that my tendency is to hang on to everything just in case”. It’s a dilemma!

I feel like I’m doing well at splitting the difference so far. I’ve sold or given away a bunch of things I would have normally kept, but I’m also keeping a few things that I could easily live without.

The wearier I become of having to handle and make a decision about every single thing I own, the more likely I am to toss most of it.

It helps that Gail is part of the process and asks, Are you sure you need to keep that?” a lot. That helps.