Billingham Hadley Small Pro Camera Bag

After years of oscillating between wanting and ridiculing Billingham bags, I landed on want and bought a Hadley Small Pro Camera Bag in black.

Billingham Hadley Pro, SmallBillingham Hadley Pro, Small

I didn’t need it, I wanted it, and I like it.

I already have a small Peak Design Everyday Sling 5L and it’s a nice bag, but it’s a tad too small. There’s not room for much more than just a camera/lens. The Hadley is not that much bigger in dimensions, but it holds much more. The outside pockets help.

With one small bag and two different kits”, I found myself swapping things around a lot and thinking about new bags. I don’t seem to need a reason to think about new bags, I just do it.

Mike Johnston’s post about Billingham bags pushed me over the edge, and a few minues later I had one on the way.

I haven’t used it in anger yet, but first impressions are wonderful. The small Hadley Pro is the perfect size for a mirrorless camera and a few lenses, along with the usual supporting knick knacks. It’s built well and looks great. I thought the tan ones were a bit showy so I went with plain black with black leather.

So now I have another new bag. It’s a nice one.

Hadley Pro with Fuji X-T3 and lensesHadley Pro with Fuji X-T3 and lenses