Daily software stack as of June 06, 2019

Because things change, I’ve jotted down the list of apps I use to manage my stuff” daily as of today. Below each is a quick list of the types of things for which it’s used. At some point I’d like to go into more detail, but by the time I do that everything changes again.

The list is longer than I would like, but I can’t seem to narrow it down further. The highlight here is that I’m unable to get rid of Emacs, so it remains an important part of my process. I fear that it always will, and that I’ll have to get good at it, eventually.


  • Task management via org-mode
  • Long-form journaling via org-journal
  • Time tracking
  • Document production
  • Too much of my spare time


  • The Control Center: Connects everything to everything
  • Project management
  • CRM
  • Personal and work event timelines
  • Links to interesting things and to their concepts


  • Project notes
  • Logs
  • Visual/Concept mapping

Day One

  • Photo/event journaling


  • My note-taking inbox”
  • Blog posts, tech notes, and ideas percolate here until ready to be moved somewhere more permanent

Apple Notes

  • For finished notes that I may want to share or access quickly on the go


  • Document archive


  • All sorts of wierd text processing
  • Occasionally as a writing environment


  • Markdown writing. Mostly blog posts. I just really like writing here.