Displaying a random quote in TiddlyWiki

Oh goodie, another post about TiddlyWiki1.

There was a recent thread on Micro.blog about surfacing older content in order to find things that might have otherwise been forgotten. I love this idea, so I added a Random Quote tiddler to my wiki. Here’s how I did it.

Installed Matt’s Shuffle Operator’ plugin2

Then, I created a new tiddler, Random Quote, to display the random quote.

Last, I added the following to the Random Quote tiddler:

<$list filter="[tag[Quote]shuffle<now>limit[1]]">

    { {!!text} }


(Remove the space between sets of curly braces, those are there so they render correctly here)

That’s it! Now the Random Quote tiddler will display a single, (relatively) random tiddler selected from all tiddlers tagged with Quote”, although any Filter expression could be used to determine the list of tiddlers to pull from.

  1. Those of you not interested in TiddlyWiki might consider blocking or unfollowing me while I get this out of my system.↩︎

  2. A cool thing about TiddlyWiki is that to install a plugin, you just drag-and-drop a link into your wiki and reload. Could not be easier.↩︎