Dynamic and Startling Interactive Media (circa 1996)

I finally found a copy of our first fusionary.com website from 1996. It looked like this:

Fusionary.com v1, 1996

I love that we called it The Atomic Age Page: Dynamic and Startling Interactive Media”. And I really love the original artwork (by Brad Yarhouse).

I’d been unable to track down the site on archive.org. Turns out it was archived under a different hostname. I learned this yesterday when, moving some boxes, I found this…

Server label, 1996

That was the label affixed to our web server, a Power Mac 8150.

We built the site using the latest in web technology!

Seriously though, the site had some fun and not yet common features. For example, you could click a button and a loud alert would play in the office a few seconds before a photo was taken and shown to the visitor.

Or you could talk” to us by filling in a form, which ran an AppleScript and made the Mac speak” the words. This was of course before the internet filled up with assholes. Here are the highlights

I’m so happy to have found all of this. I wanted my own copy, so I downloaded what I could from Archive.org’s archive, cleaned it up and put it out on a server.

So here it is, complete in its Dynamic and Startling wonder…

Fusionary.com v1