I’m happy with my online stuff right now

For the first time in forever, I’m content with the online versions of my stuff”.

My blog (you’re soaking in it) looks weird and is kind of hard to read but I intend to keep it mostly the same for a while. For some reason, the funky layout suits a messy combination of photos, micro” posts, and normal posts. One day it’ll annoy me and I’ll change it all again, but for now it’s good. And Blot.im remains the best combination of easy, fast, and flexible tool for blogging that I’ve found. It’s so good.

Micro.blog is still a friendly, open, and interesting community and my favorite place to hang out.

Flickr is fun again. Nothing much has changed since SmugMug bought it, but just knowing about the new ownership has renewed my interest in posting there. I’m so bullish about Flickr that I’ve started embedding photos on my blog rather than posting copies. I may regret this one day but ¯_(ツ)_/¯. My thinking is that photos having some sort of editorial content will be copied here, but for simple sharing, embedding is fine.

And finally, my wiki, Rudimentary Lathe. I can’t believe how quickly and completely I’ve fallen in love with using TiddlyWiki to post anything and everything I’m thinking about. I’ve started many wikis over the years, but they have never stuck. It turns out that even though I love the wiki concept, it’s the specific implementation by TiddlyWiki that makes it fun and therefore something I continue to enjoy doing. I also love that there’s no RSS feed, so putting stuff at RL (I guess I call it RL, now) doesn’t feel like publishing”. It makes a difference.

This post is me bookmarking a moment of calm in the usual chaotic mess of my online presence. For now, at least for now, I’m just writing things down without worrying much about how or where I do it. I hope it lasts.