Installing Windows 10, just for fun”

I thought it would be fun to install Windows 10 on my old ThinkPad Carbon X1. I was wrong.

I had Manjaro i3 on the ThinkPad and was getting weary of having to look up everything I wanted to do. The nerdiness of it was fun, but I found it hard to actually use.

Windows should be better, right? I figured I could use a few of the same apps I use on my Mac (TheBrain, Lightroom, etc.) and the overall experience should be smoother.

Nope. It’s been a frustrating, janky mess so far.

The very first thing I noticed was that the worst feature in the world was enabled by default: Tap to Click. It took me 30 minutes of searching (Bing-ing?) because all of the answers I found (and there were dozens) were wrong or misleading or mentioned things in the UI that don’t exist, at least on my machine.

Eventually, I found this…

Settings->Personalization->Themes->Mouse Cursor->Settings

I say eventually” because I would have never thought to look under Themes” for that setting.

Anyway, I unchecked Tap to click” and it worked. Phew! Except then two-finger trackpad scrolling didn’t work. I had to delete and reinstall the driver, then do the above again.


It’s this kind of shit that I was hoping to avoid by installing Windows in the first place.

I then spent the next 10 minutes uninstalling things like two different Candy Crush” games and something called Cooking Fever”.

While I’m sure I’ll get used to all this, and I’m trying to keep an open mind, my first impression is that other than using familiar software, it’s not a huge improvement over Linux.

Follow along on the wiki.