The Lesson from Costco’s Photo Lab - Missy Mwac

Missy Mwac

If you think photos are important now, wait until they are all you have left.

I tell anyone who will listen to PRINT YOUR PHOTOS! It doesn’t have to be every photo, but print some of them, please. You will thank me. And if you don’t, your grandkids will.

Missy understands this.

But I back up to the cloud,” you say. My pictures are safe,” you say. … while you may have access to them, will your kids? Or their kids? Or their kids?

Let me answer that for you…NO. No, they won’t, which means all of those precious day-to-day images will be lost for future generations because you didn’t take an hour to send them off to be printed onto paper.

I tell you true from the bottom of my heart, the snapshots you have today will be MORE important later. But, later, well, you won’t have them. 30 years from now, when you are searching for that photo of your dad at his birthday or your daughter in her kindergarten play, you won’t have it.

Also, caption your photos.

(via Print to Save, Mike Johnston)