Thinking out loud about having the Leica Q

I own a lot of cameras. The above photo is from several years ago and it’s only gotten worse since then. What I don’t know is if it’s too many cameras.

Well of course it is, but what I need to decide is whether I mind having too many.

Inexpensive cameras are fine sitting on a shelf, waiting for a mood to strike. It’s the expensive ones that I wonder about. Specifically, it’s the Leica Q. What this is really about is whether to sell the Q.

I bought the Q as a reward after selling my house. I had promised myself I could buy whatever camera I wanted, and I wanted the Q. The problem is that I haven’t used it all that much. Not enough to justify the cost of having it, certainly.

And still, just picking up the camera makes me happy. I love just about everything about it, and I know me. I know that if I sell it I’ll regret it. I learned something long ago about my camera habit, and that is, never sell a Leica”.

But I think of all the things I could do with the money from selling the Q and it really does seem like a mistake to keep it. On the other hand, I bought it under conditions I had agreed with myself about ahead of time. I don’t feel guilty having it. I mostly feel wasteful.

Sigh. The dilemma remains. Thanks for listening.