Onivim 2 - a new (to me) modal editor

I’m pretty sure I’ve tried every text editor that exists in the world. Whenever I learn about a new one, I can’t not try it. Today, that means Onivim.

Onivim 2 is a retro-futuristic modal editor - the next iteration of the Onivim project - combining Vim-style modal editing with the aesthetics and language features of modern editors.

Color me intrigued! All I want in this world is a modal editor that is pretty, easy to use, and comes with sane defaults. Oh, and I’d like it to be meant for prose rather than code. Onivim hits two or three of those.

Onivim screenshotOnivim screenshot

The deal-breaker for me may be that I’m not looking for a code editor, and Onivim is very definitely a code editor. Still, it’s good to see projects like this. Anything that can keep me out of VS Code is worth a look.