Sunday, September 4, 2022

I’ve gotten to a place where I don’t want to use any self-hosted app that requires anything more than SQLite. Don’t talk to me about locking.

I love Emacs and Hugo, but editing a markdown file in iA Writer and having it all published automatically via Blot by simply saving the file is a goddamned pleasure.

My mom and dad stopped by yesterday. I made a quick portrait of my mom. She’s so sweet I can’t stand it.

My momMy mom

I’ve decided to migrate to Blot. Sorry in advance for any breakage.

Maybe I should stop writing about my camera setup changes. It’s embarrassing.

I read this today: side note: there are no crappy teams, only crappy managers”. There are certainly a fair amount of crappy managers, but this statement is horseshit.

Most of today has been spent contemplating a full-on move to digital photography. I haven’t felt as much like dealing with film.