Saturday, September 10, 2022

All of my notes are to remain in Emacs. I am so tired of looking for things in a dozen places where I might have recorded something. Was that in December? Oh, right, I was using Curio then. Sigh. Or at the very least I could use Emacs as the index in which I kept notes about everything and occasionally documented and linked to where the in formation can be found. That seems like a cop-out though. However I do it, the idea is that if I need to find something, I look in Emacs and it, or at least a pointer, will always be there.

I have no interest in succeeding” in the same way everyone else seems to want to. If I can’t do it my own way, I’d rather fail.

I also have every intention of continuing to slow down in just about every way. Driving, moving, thinking, reading, eating. There’s no rush.