Thursday, September 15, 2022

I still love Arc but its lack of support for bookmarklets is cramping my style. I may need to fall back on some Keyboard Maestro macros in the meantime.

We often fret over losing our stuff” if it’s kept in the hands of some impersonal, privacy-invasive, cloud service. And yet, the only things I ever seem to lose are the things I’ve been personally responsible for.

Thinking about using Flickr embeds here rather than dealing with managing image files, links, etc. e.g. here’s one of my dad playing mini-golf on the Quest. Dad playing mini-golf on the QuestDad playing mini-golf on the Quest

Embedded Flickr photos let me avoid the extra friction of managing files locally. They link to larger versions of photos and give access to longer captions, metadata, etc. But what if Flickr goes away!?” you ask. Flickr hasn’t lost an image of mine in nearly 20 years. I’ll deal with that problem in the unlikely event that Flickr shuts down. I’m not worried.

I think I’m good with just these two film cameras: A 1960 Leica M3 and a 2021 Leica MP. 1960 and 20211960 and 2021

Sweet, someone made a standalone GUI app for Stable Diffusion on silicon Macs Diffusion Bee

Gruber, on last week’s Apple event:

There’s certainly more drama with a live presentation — with this format, entirely pre-recorded, we’ll never see an Apple feature demo fail again. That drama energizes a live presentation. Something has been lost.

John Gruber, Daring Fireball

I’ll tell you what’s been lost, my anxiety. I can’t handle live presentations. I worry the entire time that someone will screw up and I’ll feel terrible for everyone involved. I feel terrible for them in advance. This new format is much more relaxing for me and I hope they keep it forever.

I feel bad for all the Figma users today.

The Internet is now comprised of mostly cries for attention.