Sunday, September 18, 2022

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An embarrassment of richesAn embarrassment of riches

I’m down to only two.

I sold the M6 yesterday. I already regret it. On the other hand, I used the camera for five years and sold it for twice what I paid for it. Sure, Leicas are expensive, but I like to think of them as cash, in camera form :). Besides, I still have two great Leica M film bodies: The M3 and the MP. I can’t wait to see what Leica releases in October, though. Maybe I’ll be able to buy a brand new M6.

I often think of audio/video content creators” lazy because they don’t have to type words, but I never create audio/video because it’s too hard. There’s a conflict there :).

We tend to forget that no one before, say, 30 years ago, chose to use analog tools. That’s all there was. Luhmann used paper index cards!” Cartier-Bresson used a film camera!” Hemmingway used a manual typewriter!”

I see a lot of Second Brain” people making statements that end in something like, …because that’s how the brain works.” but I never see any evidence that they actually know anything about how the brain works.

Speaking of second brains, I find that I capture a ton of information in my notes, but I don’t seem to actually ever learn anything from any of it. I am now actively searching for a way to improve this. When I become overwhelmed by my digital notes, I bring out the paper.

I hate the word ideation”.

I spend way too much time with other people’s thoughts in my head. There’s a point at which other people’s thoughts push my own thoughts out of the stack and I end up only parroting what other people think.

In the future, cursive will have to be taught to scholars the way Elizabethan secretary hand or paleography is today.

Gen Z Never Learned To Read Cursive

That’s a little depressing. I write in cursive all day. On the plus side, it seems I don’t need to worry about encrypting my journals.