Sunday, September 25, 2022

I have tried several alternative Dropbox clients and they’ve all failed. The latest was Insync. It behaves oddly, shows a bunch of folders that shouldn’t be there, and my messages to support have not been responded to. I run this blog using Blot, which relies on Dropbox. This meant I had to install the Dropbox app on my Mac. It’s even more gross than the last time I tried. I’m looking into migrating my Blot sync method to Google Drive instead.

I’ve hit another wall with Emacs this morning. I ran doom upgrade as I do several times each week, but after that Emacs wouldn’t launch and none of the doom commands would work either. I re-installed from scratch but it still failed unless I used a completely fresh and empty configuration. I don’t feel like dealing with this shit today, so I’m typing this in iA Writer, which always works.

Some days living in text files and a terminal feels like I’m working underground and I want to come out into the sunshine once in a while.

I am sitting in a lovely space surrounded by quality tools and expensive devices. I have no excuse for my lack of decent output.

The voices in my head, they don’t care what I do, they just want to argue the matter through and through.

Leonard Cohen

I want Ghost’s editor combined with WordPress’ ecosystem combined with Hugo’s hosting requirements.

New T-shirt