What’s good about the Arc browser

Command — Shift — C”

This is so silly. It’s a keyboard command to copy the URL. Why do I need that? I can tell you that I’ve used it one billion times now, so apparently, I do need this. If you’re worried about the URL bar being tucked away, I have a hunch that what you actually miss is an easy place to copy and paste the URL, and once you know if you have a keyboard command for it (plus clickable icon), you don’t miss it anymore. If you really do miss the full-width URL bar, you can activate Developer Mode” and it comes back.

But there is a bonus!

It automatically removes cruft from URLs!

Chris Coyier, What’s Good About the Arc Browser

I’ve been a hardcore Safari die-hard since the beginning. Over the past several months, I’ve become a die-hard Arc lover.