I love the HHKB but my pinky hurts

I’ve been using the Happy Hacking Professional 2 Keyboard since 2018 . After a long search and many different dead ends , I’d found the keyboard for me. I still think the HHKB is nearly perfect, but there’s one problem.

The problem is that having to access the Function layer (for arrow keys, etc.) using my pinky is causing discomfort in my hand. On the one hand (pun!), I’m good at using the function key to access the arrow keys. They are close by so it’s actually faster and easier than on keyboards with dedicated arrow keys. This took me a long time to realize, but now that I’m used to it, other keyboards feel less efficient. But, on the other hand (again!), I don’t enjoy the pain in my hand.

I’m going to reset for a bit and give the pinky a break. I’m taking the lazy way out and just using the Apple Magic Keyboard. The Apple keyboards are fine, and as a bonus, the layout matches the MacBook Pro keyboard so switching is less jarring. Still, it’s a shame.

Here’s my setup today. (Notice my poor HHKB cowering in the shadows.)