Tinderbox 9.5

Eastgate has released a nice update to Tinderbox. Version 9.5 has some nifty features:

Automatically add a Prototype or Place when adding notes. Naming a note something like John Smith#Person” will create the note titled John Smith and automatically apply the Person” prototype. I use a lot of prototypes so this is handy

Geographic Adornments. “If any adornment has an Address, Tinderbox will figure out the corresponding latitude and longitude and display a map of the region.”

Preview and Export: Sensible default templates and prototypes have been added and are configured automatically. Tinderbox’s export features are deep and powerful, but can be tricky to grasp. This helps get things rolling.

View and edit multiple notes. This is great! Select a bunch of notes and then read and edit them together as one document, but they remain separate notes also.

Another useful update to one of my all-time favorite apps.