Drummer and Twitter

Daves blogging tool, Drummer, will be affected by Twitter’s API rug pull.

I’ve maintained (on and off) a blog using Drummer since its release. Drummer thinks the way I do. Drummer was a direct inspiration for what is now daily.baty.net. I basically recreated the parts of Drummer I like but built it using Tinderbox and then later using Eleventy.

I sometimes consider going back to using Drummer, but I hesitate because I worry about it’s long-term viability. Dave’s got a lot of ideas and he doesn’t waste time dealing with the old ones. If Drummer ever becomes an old idea” then I fear I’ll be left without any support. Dave sometimes struggles with support as it is, but zero is worse than a little.

Anyway, I’ll keep an eye on Dave’s progress and who knows, maybe Drummer will become A Thing for me again.