In another example of solving a problem I don’t have, I’m testing the Mimestream email client for Gmail. I’m a sucker for new ways to use email, and also for rave reviews, so I’ve made a few changes to my email setup in order to test Mimestream.

The problem” for me is that Mimestream is currently only a wrapper for the Gmail API. It doesn’t do IMAP, so in order to test it, I have to use my Gmail account. Since I don’t get email to that account, I am forwarding my Fastmail email to Gmail. I’m using Fastmail’s SMTP service to send from Gmail so that my From: address remains .

So far, I like Mimestream. It’s got that clean, fast, fully macOS feel that I love. I don’t receive enough email to merit spending an extra $50/year on a subscription, but that doesn’t mean I won’t. I like nice things, and Mimestream is a nice thing.