Mimestream early impressions

I am quite enjoying Mimestream for managing email. It’s fast, looks nice, and feels good to use. However, there is one thing I miss and one thing that irritates me.

The thing I miss is smart mailboxes. I want, at minimum, a smart mailbox for Unread”. Smart mailboxes are on the roadmap, at least.

The thing that irritates me is that when I process (Archive/Delete) a message, the message immediately below is then selected. I process my email from oldest to newest, so, from the bottom up. There’s no option to sort messages showing oldest first. I scroll down and start reading unread messages and when I hit Delete, the next older message is selected. I’ve already dealt with that one, so I’d prefer if the next newer message was selected. I either need to start at the top (newest), which I don’t want, or I have to click/move up a message every time. Drives me nuts.

Otherwise, I like Mimestream enough that I think I’ll pay for a year during the discount offer.