Blotting with Obsidian

I’ve gone pretty much all-in with Obsidian this week. I don’t remember how it started. It’s like a blacked out sometime on Tuesday and woke up this morning finding all of my files, notes, and stuff” in one giant Obsidian vault.

While I was here, I thought I’d look into using Obsidian to manage the markdown files comprising

My Blot blog uses Dropbox for sync, but my main Obsidian vault is in ~/Documents/FileCabinet. Turns out that Obsidian can handle symlinks1, so I created a link in my vault to the actual Blot folder in Dropbox.

So far it feels fine, even though I’m somewhat allergic to symlinks (and abstractions in general). It’s worth a shot, though. If something gets wonky I’ll back out of it.

To make posting easier, I created a Templater template for new posts. It looks like this:

let title = "New"
let dateprefix = tp.file.creation_date("YYYY-MM-DD");
let date = tp.file.creation_date("YYYY-MM-DDTHH:mm:ssZ");
title = await tp.system.prompt('Title: ');  
let slugged = tp.user.slugify(title);
await tp.file.rename(`${dateprefix}-${slugged}`);
title: <%* tR += `${title}` %> 
date:  <% date %>
draft: Yes

# <%* tR += `${title}` %>

<% tp.file.cursor(1) %>

The template prompts for a title, slugifies it, and renames the file using I have this template applied automatically for any new note created in Blot’s posts” folder. The Templater plugin is really useful.

I’m composing this post using Obsidian2, so if you’re reading this, it worked.

  1. With some Caveats↩︎

  2. Sorry Emacs :(.↩︎