The current blog situation

Hooboy, it’s happened again. I made the mistake of falling in love with too many tools. Combine that with my short attention span, and I’ve spread myself too thin, blog-wise.

The problem is that one day I want to burn it all down and find One True Blog. Other days, most days, I want to use them all. Why force a decision when I can waffle between a half-dozen playgrounds?

I guess the need to upgrade Kirby this morning has me thinking about how many sites I actually want to maintain. It’s not all just fun and games, you know. There’s work to be done 😄.

So how do I feel about things right now? The combination I’m enjoying is this blog (using Blot) for longer (serious?) posts and for the little daily notes. I like Blot because it’s so simple and I like Tinderbox because the rendered blog works how I want my daily notes blog to work.

Where does this leave the Kirby and Scribbles? I don’t know, honestly. I like scribbles for quick images posts, since it makes them easy and they look good on the home page. I have a lifetime subscription, so I can use it (or not) any time I like. Kirby, though, is a question. If I don’t live in Kirby, I forget how things are made. This means I need to re-learn stuff whenever something needs fixing or changing. It can be fun, but not always.

Let’s be honest, I’ll probably change this again tomorrow.