Wednesday, April 12, 2023

Day two of putting daily notes here on the main blog. I’m still not convinced it’s what I want. I don’t love the idea of these rambling daily notes cluttering things up and obscuring the real” posts. Odds are that I’m overthinking it and it’s not a problem.

I read my emails then visit Substack and I’ve already seen everything.

The blog looks good, IMO, but needs a little whimsy. Maybe a fun, changeable tagline. Maybe a header graphic. I’ll think of something.

And I’m sort of sick of technology. I feel like it gets in the way too much. It distracts from real life. It just keeps growing until we forget who we are.

John P. Weiss

I worry that although the daily posts look like regular posts, the paragraphs within them are usually unrelated. I’m hoping that an unobtrusive <hr> between entries within daily notes will help. My next feat will be to attach a class to posts tagged Journal” and just add a small bottom border to each paragraph. I don’t yet know how to do that in Blot’s templates.

I don’t have a take on the new Notes features of Substack. It seems that everyone else does, though.