Monday, April 17, 2023

This site doesn’t have a dark mode” because I don’t like dark modes and it’s my site, so there! It’s also a slight rebellion against the silly idea that light themes burn out the readers sight at night.”1 Hyperbole much? Those are my reactive, contrarian reasons. The actual reason is that I’m lazy and don’t feel like putting in the work. I understand that it can be an accessibility issue for a small percentage of people, so I’ll get to it one day. Until then, the rest of you can turn down your monitor or wait until morning 😜. There’s also RSS.

I dislike threads on Twitter and Mastodon so much. Cory Doctorow wrote a post called How To Make the Least-Worst Mastodon Threads that offers a few tips to make them less awful, but they’re still awful. He also, naturally, posted this as a thread on Mastodon in which he basically broke up the Medium post into screenshots of the text. Sigh.

I’m ashamed of how poorly I react to new information that doesn’t fit my models or beliefs. I don’t know how to effectively reduce my own bias. Time helps, usually.

I like the idea of Sourcehut and (most of the time) its bare-bones simplicity. But after many months I still cannot navigate the site to save my life. I may decide to consolidate back on Github.

I lean left, so DeBoar sometimes hurts my feelings because he knows how we can be:

Look, I’m gonna level with you here. Like the vast majority of leftists who have been minted since Occupy Wall Street, my principles, values, and policy preferences don’t stem from a coherent set of moral values, developed into an ideology, which then suggests preferred policies. At all. That requires a lot of reading and I’m busy organizing black tie fundraisers at work and bringing Kayleigh and Dakota to fencing practice. I just don’t have the time. So my politics have been bolted together in a horribly awkward process of absorbing which opinions are least likely to get me screamed at by an online activist or mocked by a podcaster.

Freddie DeBoer, A Conversation About Crime”

When buying a new vinyl record, it almost always includes a code to download the MP3 version. Why don’t I get a free ebook version when I buy a hardcover book? I would like that.