Monday, May 15, 2023

Mike Hall is me, if I were a better, more thoughtful writer.

Blog post: Why am I not taking photos?

Blog post: Friends (ruby CLI)

There’s this thing I’m seeing in Bluesky where if someone is invited and then does Something Bad™, other people demand to see the invite chain” or whatever so they can, I presume, persecute the person who sent the original invitation. I admit to liking Bluesky’s vibe right now. It’s refreshing. But… first, all of you wannabe culture vigilantes can fuck right off. Second, what do you plan to do once Bluesky is out of beta and any old asshole can join and just ruin your little club? I don’t know what’s worse, a Twitter full of fascists or a Bluesky full of people who consider anyone with a different set of values to be fascists. OK, I do know what’s worse, but you get my point.

I was testing my 1-click settings on Amazon and accidentally bought Tomorrow and Tomorrow and Tomorrow so I guess I’m reading that now.