Friday, May 19, 2023

Software notes (in my Tinderbox daybook) from October 19, 2022:

  • I was invited to the Tana early access release
  • Tinderbox released a beta with a new file format that looks interesting
  • TheBrain v13 was released
  • Obsidian went 1.0

What do I want in a note-taking tool today? Usually anything other than what I had yesterday.

Riccardo Mori on self-driving cars:

Self-driving cars advocates will tell you that the noble goal is to reduce car accidents and make people safer on the road. That’s nice and all, but I think a more pragmatic (and cost-effective) solution would be to educate drivers better.

We know that Level 5 autonomous vehicles are hard to make. Maybe impossible. But better drivers”? A noble idea, but who are we kidding?