What does RudimentaryLathe.org mean for Baty.net?

Last week I decided that I’d like to write with a bit more discipline than what I’d been doing in the journal entries, so I fired up a new Ghost instance at RudimentaryLathe.org.

The original intent was to only use the new blog for publishing my newsletter, The Lathe”, but once everything was running I was reminded how nice it is to write and publish a blog using Ghost. It made me want to write everything over there, which of course creates a dilemma for us here at baty.net.

Just when I’d finally gotten to a point where most of my published writing was in one place, I went and added another place.

For a moment I considered replacing Hugo with Ghost here at baty.net and importing the content. But, I’d promised myself I’d stop changing platforms here and I would love to keep that promise. Every time I move to a new platform I either lose images or introduce layout issues or otherwise simply regret it.

For now, I’m going to keep both, and I’ll probably spend more time blogging and publishing the newsletter over at rudimentarylathe.org. Daily journal posts will remain here. If this continues, I may modify the theme so that the home page displays more journal entries. I might also only show recent blog posts as links, since they won’t be updated as often.

So, the short answer is that both sites will be updated. I hope that doesn’t cause my handful of readers too much trouble.