She dresses herself and complains

She dresses herself and complains
Her socks don’t match
the ones She wants are in the wash
but these will do today

She kisses me goodbye at school
briefer every day
i tell Her i’m late and
wave absentmindedly

She tells me when i pick Her up
“look what I made today”
i tell Her that it’s beautiful
but later throw it away

She wants to play when we get home
i’m pretty busy though
i have a lot of work to do and still
haven’t washed those socks

She wants to read a book with me
before going to bed
i read too fast and think of something
i forgot today

She sleeps and i remember what it was
that slipped my busy mind
i forgot to be the father
that i had expected to be

She wakes me in the morning
wanting breakfast
something She can put sugar on
if you don’t mind

i don’t mind