Setting up a new Mac

Whenever I get a new Mac, I start with a clean install and re-build and re-install everything from scratch. This is decidedly not the easiest path but it’s one that helps me think about what I need and also avoid the cruft accumulated from a year or two of use.

Here is the list of apps I install when setting up a new Mac. The latest of these was in August 2017 when the drive on my iMac died.

That’s about it. It’s always a longer list than I think it’s going to be. Then I end up spending a day tweaking preferences and things like…

  • Make sure all the right dotfiles are symlinked to where I keep them in Dropbox.
  • Configure and make sure my backups are in order.

After this most recent re-install I swore that next time I’ll just use a Time Machine backup. Then again, I say that every time.