hello advertising, my old friend - Kottke


Before I let you go, I need a tiny bit of your help with this. If you use ad blocking software when you read kottke.org, could you please whitelist kottke.org and/or Carbon Ads (carbonads.com)? It should be pretty easy…check your ad block software’s instructions if you’ve never done it before. I don’t want to get into an argument about the ethics or morality of advertising or ad blocking, but I will say that blocking ads on kottke.org means less revenue for the site. As previously discussed, advertising is an essential piece of the ongoing stability of kottke.org and whitelisting the site would help me out in that regard. Thank you.”

Of course I’ll whitelist advertising on kottke.org. I don’t block ads because I don’t want to see any ads. I block them because I don’t want my experience to turn to shit the minute I visit a site. I trust that Kottke and Carbon won’t let that happen.