Kottke’s social media fast


Mostly, I’ve resolved to use my phone less. Being on my phone was my fidget spinner…this thing that I would do when there was nothing else to do or that I would use to delay going to bed or delay getting out of bed in the morning. Going forward, I’m going to be more mindful about its use. If nothing else, my hands and thumbs might start feeling better.”

Kottke joins the list of people quitting social media and writing about it. He left social media for a week, and the above quote is where he landed. Pretty much the same ending as the others. I’m not sure a week without social media is enough to have any determinable effect, but still.

Spending less time with our phones would be good for everyone.

No one really notices if a particular person goes missing because they’re just one interchangeable node in a network.

That’s not my worry. I don’t interact much on social media, so I wouldn’t expect anyone to miss me. I’d sure miss them, though.