Blot and/or Hugo and

I’ve noticed recently that WordPress is becoming more like Squarespace and that [][micro] has become a darn nice tool for blogging. For this reason, I’ve stopped posting short posts to my WordPress blog at and instead post to my at

I should just go all-in, since it easily handles both short and long posts, but I want to keep short Tweet-like posts separate from my main” blog, so for now I’ll need two blogs. is perfect for, well, micro” posts. [Hugo][gohugo], which I use for, is also great, but recently it just quit working one day and I couldn’t publish my site. That got me thinking about [][blot] again.

Blot is the easiest thing I’ve found for publishing a static site using Markdown files. Edit a local Markdown file in my favorite text editor, hit Save”, and it’s published. There’s no pushing or rsyncing or anything fancy.

I’m going to dip my toes back into Blot using my existing Blot site at [][baty 2] and see how it goes.

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