My first ride on the Peloton bike

Once my house sold, I promised myself a Peloton bike.

Peloton CyclePeloton Cycle

The bike arrived yesterday and I took my first class” this morning. The class was a pre-recorded, 30-minute Advanced Beginner” workout. It reinforced that I am in terrible physical condition, but it was also kind of fun.

The instructor was engaging and supportive, which is good because the group fitness aspect is the Peloton’s biggest selling point. There are more than a dozen live” group classes available every day, along with nearly 5,000 on-demand classes. I have a feeling Leaderboard feature is going to be important. I finished in the top third of people who did the same workout, and found myself watching my ranking closely during the ride.

For the books, here’s a summary of my first workout.