Typora, maybe?

My recent productivity workflow reset included using Ulysses for writing and taking notes. Ulysses seems fine that, so for now I’m happy. What I’d forgotten was that Ulysses doesn’t work well for editing Markdown files to be used directly for publishing. (Think Hugo or Blot). My (this) blog uses Blot, so it’s just a bunch of folders and Markdown files. Using them with Ulysses is janky, so it seems I still need something to use with Blot. I could continue using BBEdit, and probably will, but I thought it would be a nice excuse to try Typora.

Typora will give you a seamless experience as both a reader and a writer. It removes the preview window, mode switcher, syntax symbols of markdown source code, and all other unnecessary distractions. Replace them with a real live preview feature to help you concentrate on the content itself.

I’m writing this post using Typora, and at first blush it feels right. What about iA Writer?”, you ask. Good question. I love actually writing in iA Writer, but I’ve never gotten along with the way it handles its library, so for something simple like editing a single folder full of text files, Typora is closer to what I want.

My concern is that I’m adding an app, the very first day after I burned down my complicated system that used too many apps. Hopefully this won’t be just another form of feature creep, but I’ll give it a fair shake first.

UPDATE: Indeed, Typora is A different editing experience.