Hello (Again) Ello - Om Malik

Om Malik on Ello:

It is the antithesis of the likes-fueled, influencer-juiced world of Instagram and its algorithmic overlordship of creativity. If Instagram is the machine and crowd-powered enemy of creativity for the sake of creativity, Ello is just a place where there are fewer judgments about the art. It is not just about photos. There is art, fashion, music, design, architecture — and it feels like the East Village long before the faux-pubs, condos and the Whole Foods turned it into urban-suburbia.

I had high hopes for Ello but Om is right that it has sort of faded from view.

My most recent post was from 2 years ago, so I added another one today. I love that Ello feels different. I’m just not sure I have a place for it. Just in case, I’m @jackbaty there.